Habitat converts and renovates underutilized spaces into housing

empty spaces renovation

This article is an extract from the Habitat Magazine – May 2023. Reviving empty spaces in the UK The high cost of land and construction in the United Kingdom prevents many developers from building affordable homes at scale. For years, Habitat Great Britain has focused its housing efforts on rehabilitating homes and offering them as […]

7 sustainable housing designs: Passivhaus in Western Europe

Sustainability is a hot topic in all corners of the world. From e-commerce to politics, industries across the globe are investigating old processes and coming up with new innovative methods to deliver their products or services while leaving as little impact on the planet as possible. The housing industry is also following suit and it’s […]

Housing innovation to radically improve the lives of low-income families

housing innovation in low income families in europe

Access to adequate housing for low-income households is a critical issue facing many countries in the region. In this session, meet some of the cutting-edge housing entrepreneurs tackling affordability from every angle. Start-ups from Habitat for Humanity’s ShelterTech platform present how their technologies are disrupting the affordable housing sector, with innovations such as self-financing solar […]

Advancing entrepreneurial shelter solutions

Advancing entrepreneurial shelter solutions

A strong start-up and scaleup support system is backed by an interconnected multi-stakeholder ecosystem. In this session, you will meet important accelerators, investors and corporations supporting housing and ShelterTech start-ups to have an impact and succeed in Europe. Moderator: Lizan Kuster – Associate Director Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Global ShelterTech lead, Habitat for Humanity International Terwilliger Center for […]