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EURACTIV is an independent pan-European media network specialised in EU affairs, established in 1999. We spark and nourish policy debates among stakeholders, including government, business and civil society. We cover policy processes upstream of decisions, summarising the issues without taking sides. The EURACTIV Media Network, a combination of independent and integrated offices, is present in […]


Devex is an independent news organization. They host 100+ events a year to spark dialogue between world leaders, the private sector, and the global development community on critical issues that feature – or should feature – on the global agenda. Devex reports from the front lines of the fight to achieve the SDGs – driving […]


Wienerberger is a leading international supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions. We are improving people’s quality of life and shaping the future of construction.


Improving housing for the most deprived persons and creating social ties between these persons and society through accommodations. A Somfy Foundation’s citizenship initiative, which aims to give everyone the dignity they deserve


We support and empower the communities and neighborhoods where we work. And our commitment to long-term environmental sustainability practices remains true to the promise we made over 50 years ago to reduce our impact on the environment.


Building a better future: All our focus areas have a single common goal: to enable people in need to become economically independent through their own efforts, allowing them to lead better, self-determined lives.