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How COVID-19 Impacted Housing in Europe

The pandemic has left a devastating impact on people and industries across the world. While data continues to be collected, it’s known that mental health has affected many either through feelings of isolation due to lockdowns or from efforts to juggle homeschooling, work tasks, and maintaining order around the house. The tourism industry was all […]

Sustainable Housing Policies in Europe Tackling Climate Change

There’s no question that the world is changing. It’s not just society. It’s the planet. As discussions about climate change heat up around the world, there has become an increasing need for policies to either adjust or be created to ensure that everything we do has the Earth front of mind. Across Europe, sustainable housing […]

Who is Eligible for Affordable Housing?

Before the pandemic, Europe was already experiencing a housing affordability crisis. With over 70% of Europeans living in urban areas, there is a high demand for access to affordable housing across several cities due to the inequalities in living conditions. There is also a direct link to wellbeing as well as physical and mental health. […]

What Does Affordable Housing Mean for Developers?

It’s well-known that there is a demand for affordable housing in Europe. As countries get a better understanding of the economic impacts of the pandemic, policies surrounding those eligible for social housing is expected to change. It will also mean there is likely going to be a demand for more accommodation to get built, particularly […]