Access to housing in the face of a pandemic & the global impact of COVID-19

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Opening ceremony for Day 1 of the Europe Housing Forum, followed by the first plenary session:

“The global impact of COVID-19 on housing: The role of housing-related public authorities during and after COVID-19”

This session aims to promote a discussion on the role of public authorities, other public actors and housing-related policies amidst the COVID-19 crisis and in the post-pandemic scenario.

It is key to think about what effective measures and policy responses should be taken to effectively alleviate the negative impact of the pandemic, especially on low-income families, homeless populations, tenants, and builders.

Moreover, considering the post-pandemic setting, we propose a conversation on new agendas which should be implemented in order to build back better.

Moderator: Steffen Wetzstein – University of Western Australia / European Network for Housing Research / URBACT


Kim van Sparrentak – Member of the European Parliament, Netherlands
Sanya Wilson – Mayor of Koboko, Uganda
Doris Andoni – Chair of the UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management; and Head of Housing, Ministry of Finance and Economy of Albania
Jaana Nevalainen – Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of the Environment, Finland
Štěpán Ripka – Housing Advisor for the City of Prague, Czechia
Tobia Zevi – Councilor for Heritage and Housing Policies for the City of Rome