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The future of human health: How climate change and the built environment are impacting wellbeing

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The relationship between health and the built environments is not new. Many health challenges are directly related to transportation choices, land use patterns, infrastructure and accessibility. The climate crisis is exacerbating threats to human settlements, and in turn, human health.

Intensifying heatwaves, flooding, drought and degraded air quality are challenges that must be met in how we live, and how we design for our future cities and communities. This session’s panellists bring their views from around the world to frame the greatest challenges from this overlapping crisis, and identify opportunities for action in the near term.

Moderator: Amanda Entrikin – Director, Global Affairs and Advocacy, Habitat for Humanity International


  • Antoni Bielewicz – Country programme director for Poland at the European Climate Foundation
  • Sumedha Malaviya – Manager, Energy Program, World Resources Institute, USA
  • Jouni J.K. Jaakkola – Director at the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research, University of Oulu, Finland 
  • Edoardo Concari Coppola – Buildings Policy Coordinator at Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe