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Serhii Komnatnyi has played an integral role in the working groups of the Ministry of Restoration of Ukraine, focusing on reforming Ukraine’s housing legislation. This involved collaborating with government officials and industry experts to develop and refine policies that shape the future of housing in Ukraine.

Since 2019, he has served as the Honorary President of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Housing Ukraine”. In this capacity, he has led efforts to advocate for and implement housing initiatives across the country, focusing on sustainable development and community support. 

As a dedicated member of the Interdepartmental Working Group for the SDGs, he contributed significantly to drafting the pivotal Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree on “Data Collection for Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals Implementation”.

Mr. Komnatnyi has been a determined advocate for Ukraine’s alignment with international standards and conventions. This included promoting Ukraine’s adherence to the Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 2198, focusing specifically on initiatives to join the Council of Europe Development Bank. 

On 13 March 2022, he was appointed Secretary of the Interdepartmental Working Group, overseeing Ukraine’s accession to the Council of Europe Development Bank. His contributions were instrumental in the drafting, development, and eventual ratification by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Law “On the Adoption of the Statute of the Council of Europe Development Bank and Accession to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe”.