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Lenka Antalova Plavuchova is the Deputy Mayor of Bratislava responsible for city rental housing and social policies. She is highly skilled municipal politician with strong focus on affordable housing, rental housing developement and innovative strategies in city flat stock aquisition with regards to social impact and improving affordability of housing.  Lenka Antalova Plavuchova’s  earlier career included being city and local city council member, community developement, educational policies and numerous national projects within NGO sector in Slovakia. She is the founder of community centre which was created by regeneration of old abandoned place in Rača. Prior to becoming the Deputy Mayor of Bratislava she worked as an executive Vice Mayor in Rača (City district of Bratislava) focusing on public spaces, education and communication. She holds and master´s (Mgr). degree from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.