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Knut Höller is an Executive Member of the Managing Board at Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.). Knut trained economist and M.B.A. with profound knowledge of housing policy in Germany as well as in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and has been working in projects in direct cooperation with government institutions in different countries including the Ministry of Regional Development in Ukraine, the Ministries of the Environment in Latvia and Lithuania, the Ministry for Housing and Communal Services in Belarus and several public bodies in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. He also had regular working relations with the Russian Government, e.g. Ministry of Regional Development, prior to 2014. Mr Höller has profound knowledge and understanding of the decision-making process in Ukraine and with regards to the residential and energy sector also in other transition countries as the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

He has a good understanding of the complex situation after the privatization of the housing stock in the transition of the housing sector and the energy efficiency in buildings. He actively participated in developing appropriated national refurbishment programs in the Baltic States and currently in Ukraine.

Mr Höller has been working in post-soviet countries’ energy sector for almost 20 years, formerly with a focus on the supply side (consultancy for district heating companies and modernization of power plants on behalf of EBRD and German institutions and companies) and beginning from 2001 within the framework of IWO more focused on the demand side, especially the housing and building sector. He was and is engaged in projects of the European Union, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Ministry of Environment, GIZ and other institutions.

Knut Höller is fluent in English and has a good working command of Russian.