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Kim van Sparrentak is a Dutch politician and Member of the European Parliament.

Kim studied Political Science and Urban Environmental Management and during her studies was active as a co-chair at DWARS Amsterdam.  With the Young European Greens (FYEG), Kim was a member of the climate and energy working group. Later on, she started working as mobility communication officer at Milieudefensie and was elected as co-president of FYEG. Here she represented more than 10,000 European young people in their fight against climate change. In 2019 Kim was elected MEP for GroenLinks, before this she worked at WISE where she campaigned for the closure of nuclear power plants in Belgium.

Parliament committees

IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection)

In the IMCO committee, Kim works to reduce excessive market forces in the European Union that obstruct good healthcare, affordable housing or free internet. Kim is committed to European market rules that contribute to the sustainability of the economy, strong public services and better consumer protection, both online and offline. Within IMCO, Kim also works for a free, safe and democratic internet and to break the power of Big Tech over our society.


EMPL (Employment and Social Affairs)

Kim is convinced that the European Union should work for social justice and good social minimum standards. That is why, in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, she is committed to affordable housing and good working conditions as well as the protection of all types of workers in a rapidly changing economy.


AIDA (Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age)

The Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age has been appointed to develop a long-term vision, goals and next steps on artificial intelligence on behalf of the European Parliament. Within this committee, Kim is committed to AI that serves society and respects fundamental rights. She focuses on non-discrimination, AI and sustainability and protecting workers when using AI in the workplace.