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Dr Julie Lawson is Honorary Associate Professor with the Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University (Australia, based in Europe 2023) and a leading international housing researcher. She is principle author of the comprehensive study #Housing2030, which examines a range of policy tools and best practices to promote affordable, low carbon and energy efficient housing.

Julie has led many other pathbreaking projects concerning: Housing Supply Bonds, Financial Intermediaries and Guarantees, the regulation of non-profit organisations as well as social infrastructure planning, which have catalysed national policy reforms. She has also published informative reviews on land policies for affordable and inclusive housing (Smart Land, Finnish Academy of Science, 2020), housing assistance policies, federal-state housing structures, financial models and social housing regulatory systems. Her latest ENHR conference paper  was entitled ‘Tools to tame the financialization of housing’ in collaboration with Professor Michelle Norris.

Dr Lawson is part of the leadership team for the Inquiry on a Circular Economy for Housing and is conducting an International Review of First Home Buyer Schemes for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute. Julie is also co-editor of the housing journal Housing Theory and Society and co-produces the Housing Journal Podcast.