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Slatina region is one of the twenty-four administrative regions of Sofia Municipality.

The region covers an area of 1325 hectares and, as of June 15 2023, has 73,552 permanent residents.

The mayor of Slatina region is Mr. Georgi Iliev, a Bulgarian politician and entrepreneur, a member of the National Council and the Executive Council of the “Yes, Bulgaria!” political party. In addition to his political career, he has been involved in the advertising business since 1994 and international trade since 2000. He is a partner in companies in several EU countries, mainly engaged in outdoor advertising, trade, and the production of soft drinks, beer, and wine.

Georgi Plamenov Iliev was born in Sofia on May 18, 1974. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University and has completed a semester-based Master of Business Administration at New Bulgarian University. He is also a reserve officer. He has three sons and one daughter.