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Estrella Durá-Ferrandis is a Member of the European Parliament representing Spain. She is a Member of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats political group,  Full member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL), and Substitute in the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI).

Estrella Durá-Ferrandis, PhD in Psychology, Full Professor at the University of Valencia. She has been a researcher at the Polibienestar Research Institute at the University of Valencia since 2006. As a visiting scientist, she has collaborated with centers, institutes and universities in the USA, UK, Austria and the Netherlands. Estrella Durá-Ferrandis is an expert in social policy programs with the main objective to increase the quality of life and social welfare of vulnerable groups. Some of the topics she has worked on include unemployment in young people and people over 55, women and health, persons with functional diversity and persons with chronical illnesses, dependent elderly persons and migrants.

In her work in the European Parliament, she uses her experience in public policies to promote a Social Europe that protects people, to develop measures that improve the quality of life of all citizenships, promoting sustainable quality employment in Europe, and fighting against inequalities.

She was shadow rapporteur of the report on “Access to decent and affordable housing for all” approved by the Parliament in January 2021. Currently is shadow rapporteur of the report on “Mental Health in the digital world of work”.