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Daniela Aydin currently serves as a Project Officer at the Council of Europe Development Bank, overseeing an EU-funded pilot project focused on enhancing access to housing and employment for Roma communities in Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia through financial inclusion and microfinance.

Prior to her role at the Council of Europe Development Bank, Aydin worked for more than 12 years at Open Society Foundations, working across various programs and regions and concentrating on promoting social and economic inclusion for the Roma and Sinti minorities in Central Europe and the Western Balkans.

Additionally, she led grant initiatives supporting social justice, partnerships, civic engagement, and social development in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Türkiye. Before joining the Foundations, Aydin worked as a Research Fellow at Central European University, conducting research on migration, land use, and rural economic development in Hungary, Romania, and Moldova.

Aydin holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of London and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Central European University.