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Claudio Acioly Jr is an architect and urban planner, a development practitioner with over 40 years of experience in more than 30 countries. He worked as practicing expert, program manager, resident technical and policy advisor or short-term consultant to governments, bilateral and multilateral organizations, academic institutions, civil society organizations and community-based organizations amongst them the UNDP, World Bank, UNECE, UN-Habitat, GIZ, EU, Cordaid, DGHIS, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Acioly is currently associated staff of the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies-IHS of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, an associated fellow of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and Senior Team Leader of ACCIONA Ingenieria, Spain.  Acioly was senior programme manager of GIZ and director of the European Union’s International Urban Cooperation Programme for Latin America and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate in Latin America (2020).  He was head of Housing Policy and head of Capacity Building of UN-Habitat, coordinator of the UN Housing Rights Programme and the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions to the Executive Director of UN-Habitat (2008-2019).  He authored several policy and strategy documents of UN-Habitat, including the Practical Guide for Conducting Housing Profile, the Affordable Land and Housing series in Africa, Latin America and Easter Europe, the Street-led Citywide Slum Upgrading Strategy and UN-Habitat’s housing and slum upgrading strategic plans and led several projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean and Eastern Europe.  As senior housing and land policy expert with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) during the period 1993-2008, Acioly led several international and donor-funded projects as team leader in countries such as Egypt, Bulgaria, Albania, Cuba, Argentina and Brazil amongst other focusing on housing, slum upgrading, action planning, urban planning, urban environmental management and capacity building. He also coordinated the High-rise Multi-Family Housing Programme and the Inner city Development in Transitional Economy Programme. Acioly worked for the Dutch Government as chief architect in the Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme of Bissau (1989-1992) and for the Government of Brasilia’ citywide slum upgrading and resettlement programme (1983-1987).