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Bogdan Suditu is a geographer, teacher and researcher in the fields of housing policy, urban and territorial planning, social geography at the University of Bucharest, Romania. He is also a recognized practitioner conducting research and consultancy on housing policies, urban planning, urban regeneration, informal settlements and rehabilitation of areas affected by physical deterioration and social exclusion. He carried out the first research on the informal settlements in Romania and the effects of informal living on people and households within them: segregation and social exclusion, deprivation of access to minimal public services. He has scientifically coordinated the interdisciplinary research and advocacy teams in the “No man’s land: Informal housing in Roma communities – recognition, responsibility and common solutions” program, which aims to promote a law on the recognition of informal settlements and the initiation of integrated measures aimed at improving the conditions (project became Law no. 151/2019). He is a member of Romanian and international research team and has over 30 studies published in the field of urban planning and social geography (segregation of disadvantaged groups, roma communities, migration and residential mobility etc.) housing and urban planning in Romania (informal settlements, urban sprawl, sustainable urban planning, public asset management and planning etc.). B.Suditu worked in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP), as coordinator of urban planning and housing (2007-2013), and was the coordinator of the Working Group on Roma housing (2007-2010). Suditu is also a partner and urban planning and housing expert in the urban planning and regeneration consulting start-up MKBT: Make Better ( In 2021 he was awarded a medal by the Presidents of the French Republic with “Ordre des palmes academiques” in the rank of Knight.