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Anacláudia Rossbach is the Regional Manager for Cities Alliance in LAC and Manager of the Global Programme on Informality. She supports the design of programs, leverage of communities of practice, advisory services, transfer & knowledge exchange, and technical assistance in housing and urban public policies in the global south through projects such as the Urban House Practitioners Hub.  She is committed to maximizing global practical experiences to overcome urban poverty.

Anacláudia has worked on projects such as the design of one of the major programs of slum upgrading at city level, led by the City of São Paulo. She is the founder and director of a NGO who developed high impact projects in communities in São Paulo and Recife. Worked as senior housing specialist for the World Bank in Brazil and in various countries of the world. Provided technical assistance for the development and implementation of the Brazilian housing and slum upgrading policy as a high-level consultant, including two major programs such as the slum upgrading program “PAC Favelas” and the housing subsidies program, Minha Casa, Minha Vida.