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Ronita Bardhan is Assistant Professor of Sustainability in Built Environment at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge. She is Director of MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies (MAUS) and leads the Sustainable Design Group at the Martin Centre: Sustainable buildings and cities, Department of Architecture. Dr Bardhan is an architectural engineer and urban studies educator, with a PhD in urban engineering. She believes that data-driven intelligence of built environments can effectively address sustainability goals and policies. Her research on sustainable built environment informs health and energy decisions in the warming climate. Bardhan uses data-driven methods that couples architectural engineering, AI and machine learning with social sciences to provided built environment design solutions for health in resources constraint societies. Bardhan works in Slum Rehabilitation (social) housing design in India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, South Africa and Brazil. Her impactful work on tuberculosis and poor indoor air quality in slum rehabilitation housing of Mumbai has received traction from policymakers and several news media. She has written over 100 academic articles on health and environmental design of residential built environment. Bardhan is Director of and Studies and Fellow in Architecture at Selwyn College in Cambridge. Ronita Chairs the Equality Diversity Inclusivity Committee at the Department of Architecture and History of Arts and is strongly committed to the shared vision of equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in all spheres of her research and teaching. She believes that everyone benefits from strength in difference and that diversity is instrumental to success.