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Informal settlement upgrading post-COVID-19: Moving from upgrading to revitalization and sustainability

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In the face of a global scenario where more than one billion people live in informal settlements (slums), actions related to slum upgrading are crucial to improving living conditions in these areas, ranging from approaches to deliver better infrastructure to activities that can enhance social, economic and institutional aspects of these communities.

This session proposes a discussion on the state-of-the-art of informal settlement upgrading in different regions of the world, picking up from successful examples of practices and existing challenges that need to be overcome. Speakers will also dwell on how to strengthen partnerships which are key in the uptake of slum upgrading projects.

Moderator: Patrick Canagasingham – Chief Operating Officer, Habitat for Humanity


  • Julian Baskin – Cities Alliance
  • Kerstin Sommer – Slum Upgrading Unit Leader and Project Leader Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme at UN-Habitat
  • Ajay Suri – Senior Adviser at the Inclusive Development National Institute of Urban Affairs, India
  • Chryssy Potsiou – Professor of Cadastre and Land Management, National Technical University of Athens, Honorary FIG President, former Vice-Chair of WPLA