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Challenges and opportunities of improving Cooperative Housing in Central and Eastern Europe

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The housing cooperative model stands as an alternative to rental housing and homeownership. It consists of a housing market arrangement where housing is equally owned and jointly controlled by the members of the cooperative allowing for the provision of housing that is more affordable and less costly. This model presents very specific challenges and opportunities.

This panel will assess challenges and the latest developments on how to establish cooperative housing in CEE.

This panel proposes a conversation among experts to analyse the state-of-the-art of cooperative housing in Central and Eastern Europe, by providing some examples of financial solutions and presenting the most common bottlenecks to this model. Panellists will also dwell on the role of the public and private sector, as well as partnerships, in providing good solutions for this model.

Moderator: David Ireland – Director at World Habitat


  • Csaba Jelinek – Co-founder of Periféria Policy and Research Center (Hungary)
  • Dirk Lönnecker – Founder, The first European housing cooperative (Germany)
  • Jovana Timotijević – Coordinator of Housing at the Ministarstvo prostora (Collective Ministry of Space) NGO (Serbia)
  • Iva Marčetić – MOBA network (Croatia)

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