European Housing Innovation Awards

The Awards will recognize and reward policies, initiatives and technologies that promote social / affordable housing in Europe.

As part of the Europe Housing Forum, the main objective of this contest is to showcase and reward meaningful initiatives that, through innovation and collaboration, contribute to solutions for affordable housing in Europe.

The goal is to accelerate the adoption and adaptation of the most promising housing innovations by facilitating dialogue, fostering interaction and collaboration, and driving resources to the world’s cutting-edge initiatives in affordable housing.

The European Housing Innovation Awards is inserted in the context of the Global “Top 100” Affordable Housing Innovations, to be assembled by Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) with the support of the Hilti Foundation.

Applications are closed, we will soon announce our finalists.

Awards categories

Public Policies Award

To recognise ground-breaking innovations in housing policy that create a more enabled environment for affordable housing and provide best practices to impact housing policy around the world.

This category focuses on innovative public policies proposed by public actors (agencies, companies, organisations, networks, associations, partnerships or bodies) across all sectors and levels of government that help improve housing conditions, and promote participatory processes, involvement of civil society, the private sector and other levels of government, and inclusive governance, while taking into account specific needs of low-income and vulnerable populations.

Best Practices Award

To recognise innovations in adequate and affordable housing solutions along the housing continuum with the potential to scale, resulting in material reduction in the affordable housing deficit and improved living conditions of low-income households.

This category focuses on initiatives promoted by either public or private actors, public-private partnerships, or individual persons that implement notable practices to overcome or mitigate challenges and problems in housing, while taking into account sustainability, inclusiveness and needs of vulnerable populations.

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ShelterTech Award for Technology

To recognise housing design and construction innovations led by the private sector that produce new housing construction technology improvements and advancements that improve the affordable housing construction at scale.

This category focuses on innovative technological solutions (products and services) that support the sustainable reactivation and transformation of housing and urban habitat towards a future with a healthier, more inclusive and resilient life.

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