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Applying market systems development approaches to housing: the journey so far

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Most low-income people use available market options to put a roof over their heads. These transactions in local housing systems outstrip any philanthropic effort to improve shelter, and improving the system is a logical goal for any organization seeking to adequately house the 1.6 billion individuals who lack a decent home.

This session is a conversation between the organizations adopting a market systems development approach to create significant and long-term sustainable impact by working through market actors to effect durable change.

Co-organized by ShelterTech

Moderator: Margie Brand – Executive Director at Vikāra Institute


  • Sheldon Yoder – Senior Technical Advisor, Applied Innovation, Habitat for Humanity International
  • Gema Stratico – Director at Habitat for Humanity
  • Sven Gehlhaar – Country Director Colombia at SwissContact
  • Jennifer Weatherall – Technical Advisor Cash and Markets at Catholic Relief Services

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