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Day 1 - November 16, 2021

Opening Ceremony - The new dimensions of access to housing in the face of a pandemic

Opening Plenary - The global impact of COVID-19 on housing: The role of housing-related public authorities during and after COVID-19 (Global Focus)

Roundtable - Informal settlement upgrading post-COVID-19: Moving from upgrading to revitalization and sustainability (Global Focus)

Breakout Sessions - Day 1

Defeating homelessness and housing exclusion in Europe

The future of human health: How climate change and the built environment are impacting wellbeing

Policy dilemmas concerning informal Roma settlements: regeneration or desegregation?

Financing affordable housing in Europe: the way forward

Advancing entrepreneurial shelter solutions

Roundtable - Informality and Housing: How to improve housing affordability, adequacy and resiliency to meet the needs of low-income households? (Global Focus)

Day 2 - November 17, 2021

Plenary - Impact of climate change on vulnerable populations and the role of housing (Global Focus)

Breakout Sessions - Day 2

Is housing the solution to homelessness in Central and Eastern Europe?

Housing innovation to radically improve the lives of low-income families

Applying market systems development approaches to housing: the journey so far

Housing investments as a cross-cutting solution to tackle climate change and stimulate the economy

Roundtable - The role of public-private-people partnerships (P4) in promoting social / affordable housing opportunities: Advancing innovative solutions (Global Focus)

Plenary - Diverse approaches and common challenges to housing in Western, Southern and Eastern Europe (Europe Focus)

Day 3 - November 18, 2021

Plenary - How to combine energy and social policies to address energy poverty in Central and Eastern Europe? (Europe Focus)

Breakout Sessions - Day 3

#Housing 2030 – Time to Think & Do Differently

Central and Eastern Europe region – is it really that similar?

Climate smart solutions for resilient housing

Challenges and opportunities of improving Cooperative Housing in Central and Eastern Europe

More Together: Cooperation between Europe and Africa towards housing

Roundtable - How energy efficiency renovations should address energy poverty in the COVID recovery in Europe (Europe Focus)

Plenary - The Affordable Housing initiative and the New European Bauhaus: EU policy implications at national and local levels (Europe Focus)

Day 4 - November 19, 2021

Plenary - Affordable financing models and business models for renovation: how to finance renovations in Central and Eastern Europe and not drive costs up (Europe Focus)

Breakout Sessions - Day 4

Harnessing innovation for inclusive and green renewal of social / affordable housing neighbourhoods in Europe

Dynamic approach to social housing: Is it possible to organize social housing in Central and Eastern Europe as one of the elements of one’s housing career?

What implications does the Fit for 55 package have for Central and Eastern Europe region?

Models to bring together stakeholders to scale up multi-apartment renovations in Central and Eastern

Voices from the field: Policies and systems to ensure equitable access to housing in informal settlements in the Global South

Closing Plenary - The role of large cities in providing affordable housing in Central and Eastern Europe (Europe Focus)

Award ceremony: European Housing Innovation Awards